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Tips for Keeping Your Carpets Clean

Sometimes, keeping those carpets clean can seem like an uphill battle, but with a few tried-and-tested tips, you can make certain they look as good as new. As one of the leading Albuquerque carpet cleaning services, the team from Celestials Cleaning has collected some tips for you below to breathe new life into your carpeting.

Tackle Stains ASAP!

One of the best ways to keep carpets clean is to treat any minor stains immediately. Doing so will prevent them from seeping and setting deep down into your carpet fibers. To clean minor spills and messes, sop them up with paper towels and then utilize a carpet stain remover for the best results.

Don’t Wear Shoes Inside

Another great way to keep your carpets clean and avoid tracking in mud, dirt, dust, and allergens from outdoors is to ask family and visitors to remove their shoes when entering your home. It’s important to note that the more you have to clean and vacuum your carpets, the more you’ll detract from their lifespan, so doing anything to minimize this is a good idea.

Regularly Replace Your AC Filters

You might not realize this, but your AC filters can also affect the cleanliness of your carpeting. This is because it reduces the amount of dust circulating in your home that eventually winds up on your floors and seeps deep into your carpet fibers. Regular replacements will also improve the efficiency of your AC, killing two birds with one stone.

Hire Professionals

It’s recommended to have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. This is because even vacuuming and implementing all of the steps mentioned above still won’t keep them 100% free of dirt, dust, and debris. There are several benefits to hiring professional carpet cleaners. Not only is doing so more efficient, but they’ll have the best cleaning equipment and products available.

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