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Celestial cleaning about us

Our History

Celestials Cleaning started its life in the back of CEO Ray Parea’s pickup. At first Ray only worked weekends. But soon he noticed that his hugely successful cleaning business was making more money than his day job. So he quit the day job and started to clean full time – and he hasn’t looked back!

We are a local family owned and operated company in Albuquerque New Mexico. We welcome individuals, as well as New Mexico’s companies and premises of all sizes. Customization is key when it comes to Celestials, because we understand that every client is different. You can use our janitor services on a daily basis, on alternate days, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, or even a single time for a specific project!

If you have any questions

We’re always there for you. Questions about us, our company, or our style of work? Feel free to reach out and give us a call. But take a glance to the right first; we may have already answered you!

With Celestials Cleaning LLC, you can choose to customize your cleaning and restoration needs based upon your convenience. It can be arranged before your operating hours, during operating hours or after operating hours, as often as you require.

We understand each customer and job is different. We conduct a phone discussion with our customers to see what their specific needs are. We are truly candid with each of our customers to ensure we are a good fit for their needs. Basic price details are able to be given over the phone or via email.

We have worked with a diverse range of customers, both residential and commercial. We’ve provided services for green-friendly-only customers, high-end customers, and customers on a limited budget. We’ve worked with home owners, contractors, realtors, and even customers out of town. If we can’t clean or restore it, we can always remove and replace it!

We don’t dawdle. We do things expediently. But we also try to do things right, not just right away. We pride ourselves on providing the most professional service at an affordable price and offering multiple services to ease the stress for our customers. The highlight of the work is the look on people’s faces when they see the completed project. Many customers count on professionals to complete jobs they can’t do themselves, so we make sure to – and love to – do a great job!

No project is too big or too small!