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Bad Cleaning Habits to Break in 2022 – Part 2

Everyone is guilty of making a mistake or two when it comes to cleaning—sometimes intentionally—as we try to look for shortcuts. However, most professional cleaners in Albuquerque agree that these mistakes always end up adding hours of cleaning time and can render our cleaning much less effective.

That’s why Celestials Cleaning has collected and listed some common bad cleaning habits you need to break this year:

  • Relying on Bleach: Bleach isn’t as effective as most might think. It can also damage items and surfaces around the house. There are other better cleaning solutions available today that are safer and more effective.
  • Going Straight to Harsh Products: You don’t need overly harsh products to clean effectively. Professional cleaners in Albuquerque recommend starting off with mild products – you’ll be surprised by how effective they are.
  • Ignoring Product Directions: It does not matter how good of a tool you have if you don’t use it properly. Cleaning product manufacturers include recommendations on how to use their products safely and effectively. Simply follow those instructions; the same applies to cleaning tools. 
  • Using Too Much Product: Using more of a cleaning product does not mean more effective cleaning. In the case of detergent, using more might mean having to rewash your clothes to remove excess detergent. The same applies to waxing floors – more wax only makes the floors duller, not shinier as you would think. 
  • Using Too Many Paper Towels: Although paper towels are handy and necessary, make a habit of using cleaning cloths when possible. You can also use rags or old towels to clean floor spills. This will save you money and reduce your waste.
  • Not Closing the Shower Curtain: Leaving the shower curtains open traps water and moisture in the folds and provides a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Always close the shower curtain after taking a shower.
  • Not Preparing your Cleaning Tools and Products: Save yourself the time and energy from running back and forth to get things you need while cleaning. Take out all the tools and products you need and place them somewhere easily accessible before you start cleaning. 
  • Hoarding Unnecessary Stuff: We are all guilty of holding onto things for longer than we need to. These things can add up quickly and take up valuable space in the house. Get rid of old cooking utensils, expired food items, outdated clothes, old pieces of mail, and anything else you don’t use or have any need for anymore. 

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These are just a few common bad cleaning habits we have all most likely been guilty of. At Celestials Cleaning, our team of professional cleaners in Albuquerque does not cut any corners, and we will go above and beyond to ensure your home looks and feels pristine. 

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